Footages of our journey

Input Exploration Kit of SxV

An open source thumb-mounted controller for the Metaverses from SoundxVision

Play Shooting Games with SoundxVision Controller

SoundxVision offers a solution for hand tracking, allowing users to control guns using their thumb-mounted device. This allows for accurate shooting modes and quick switch between semi-automatic and automatic modes, as shown in the demo.

Testing Pressure Sensitivity on SxV Controller

Pressure sensitivity is another impressive feature of SxV. In comparison to a hand-tracking drawing tool that utilized virtual reality glasses, the SxV's controller generated thick/thin lines based on the pressure sensitive level. You have perfect control over the thickness of your strokes, which is an important aspect of line art and penmanship.

Try Monochrome Passthrough with SxV Controller

We’ve tried monochrome passthrough on Oculus Quest 2 recently with our thumb mounted device, the experience was really mind blowing even in black and white, providing much more sense of presence in real world (also safer). You can switch colours when drawing very easily with just one swipe.

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