SxV is now a wireless creative tool
As a creative tool
Pressure sensitivity is another impressive feature of SxV. In comparison to a hand-tracking drawing tool that utilized virtual reality glasses, the SxV's controller generated thick/thin lines based on the pressure sensitive level. You have perfect control over the thickness of your strokes, which is an important aspect of line art and penmanship. Furthermore, with 2 touch zones separated, getting muscle memory down is much easier.

This feature brings a wide range of applications, ranging from drawing and design to VR games and simulated surgery. An intuitive, precise product like SxV can become a powerful tool for XR designers. It's akin to having an Apple Pencil on your fingertip.

A comparison of drawing strokes using Oculus' default hand-tracking and SxV's controller

One usage that our input solution is capable of is being a creative tool. 
In this demo, there is a comparison between Oculus's default hand-tracking and SxV's input solution
- Left (without using of SxV's thumb-mounted controller): The lines created with default hand-tracking will see no variation in thickness—regardless of how much pressure you apply (constant thickness and single colour). There is a risk of creating artwork that looks "unnatural".
- Right: The thickness of the lines reacted to the pressure applied to the finger, user has complete control over what is being draw in term of thickness or colours. This all comes from the force sensing mechanism on the thumb-mounted controller. It shows great potential as a creative tool. Besides, the product can switch between tools very quickly (Colours switched during drawing). As can be seen in the video, the colours response to the zone of pressing, instead of 2 colours the different touch zone can represent 2 different tools for quickly switching between them without dealing with a distracting menu.

As can be asserted, this is a significant advance forward in the development of SxV products with the aim of delivering a compact, effective, practical, and natural interaction solution.

Drawing on Oculus with default hand-tracking and SxV's wireless controller prototype

It's gone wireless 
A new step in SxV's MVP development journey: the product is officially integrated with a battery and greatly cut down on the use of wires.

The usage time during the test using the SxV's controller with virtual reality glasses and computer can range from 3.5 to 4 hours. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the product's battery life, which can last up to two days with an external charging band.

SxV wireless thumb-mounted controller (Prototype)