Our Mission
To bring inspiration & innovation to everyone through optimal interaction solutions for extended reality
Who We AR?
Our SoundxVision Team is an innovative, inspiring group of talented people of innovators, product designer, marketing expert, XR designer and amazing mentors.
Phuoc Trinh
Founder, CEO
Founded SoundxVision with the belief in seamless interactions will help promote AR/VR developments, Phuoc Trinh is an inventor and a product designer with the ambition to deliver natural ways of interactions in AR/VR. He sees the world as an infinite canvas full of opportunities for people to sustainably and creatively develop. 
Nam Pham
Co-founder, CMO
Co-founder of SoundxVision with the mission of bringing emotion and inspiration to the hardwares. Nam is a marketing expert with extensive background in media and advertising. He believes that disruptive technology with human-centered design will bring the optimal solutions for our life. His philosophy is mindfulness.
Linh Trinh
Industrial Designer
Been working on SoundxVision product design, Linh is turning the idea of a thumb mounted device into life. With design expertise and experience in a wide range of fields from graphic, industrial design, 3D to AR/VR, she is in charge of designing a state of the input hardware for XR.
Dipanjan Das
Business Development Manager
He is a technocrat with business acumen who has a background in engineering and research connected with Photonics and has relevant expertise in the past with AR/VR/MR/XR technologies and thinks that future technologies connected with it are Non-fungible tokens (NFT), Blockchain, virtual currency, Metaverse and these will ultimately change our ways of living and interacting with the society and environment. His business development specialization comes into action when any of this future technology developed as proof-of-concept research finds any potential (if exists) to the market following technology readiness levels (TRLs) thus, making the Research to Business (R2B) solutions, Business to customer (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B) solutions. He has also good networking skills with excellent knowledge and people gave him the tag of ‘Networking Machine’ which he might use for  SoundxVision currently. He is also responsible for current business operations and finding the target customers to whom SoundxVision can serve currently.
Reach out to him via email or  (+358) 449231682
Olli Tiilikainen
Human-Computer Interaction Expert
Olli is an XR enthusiast and expert with a long experience in information technology and comprehensive knowledge of software development. His forte is innovation and applying bleeding-edge technologies such as XR, AI, ML, BCI or Robotics in human-computer interaction, web development or IoT.