A Demo Day of SoundxVision
A Demo Day of SxV at Helsinki XR Center
On May 25, SoundxVision showcased the prototype of our input solution for XR devices at the Helsinki XR Center's Demo Day event. 

We've shown some of SxV's great features and addressed the drawbacks of handtracking, such as controlling stroke thickness or switching colors and tools in a flash without having to fiddle with a lot of menus. 

This will be a fantastic feature when the user experience is seamless and there is no wasted time looking for tools. This will assist in optimizing the flow of thought and work, particularly for those working in the creative field, such as XR designers.

Our thumb-mounted controller is now integrated and functional on Oculus Quest 2. 

According to the roadmap, SxV's MVP will be launched in the third quarter of 2022, and the SDK will be delivered at the same time.

SoundxVision presenting our thumb-mounted controller at Demo Day organized by Helsinki XR Center

Phuoc Trinh - Founder of SoundxVision presenting our product at Demo Day. Credit: HXRC